Engage, Visualize, Solve

Students (K-8) learn interactively During SUMMER CAMPS - Robotics, Coding, MATH & Outdoors.


Full Day & Half Day Options 

Robotics EV3 – Make Autonomous Car Projects & Get Ready for Competition

Python Coding – Learn to Develop Fun Games

Singapore Accelerated Math – Learn Core Concept Math using Tangible artifacts

Arduino – Automate Your Home 


After-School Enrichment Programs 

We offer STEM programs for our young coders, explorers and builders.

– Learn concepts visually & interactively
– Student Teacher Ratio – 1:1 
– Students Learn at their pace

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– Learn Algorithms and Data Structures 
– Student Teacher Ratio – 1:5
Builds foundation advance coding

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– CAMPS, Classes and Competition
– Student Teacher Ratio 1:6
– Students learn “How to Compete?”

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– CAMPS, Classes and Mentoring
– Student Teacher Ratio – 1:6
– Students develop fun & useful projects 

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What our customers are saying?

Katherine McCaslin: We love Interactive Math Academy and their interactive approach to teaching Singapore math. This isn’t like many other math places where they pressure you to have your kid attending multiple times a week and assign a burdensome amount of homework. Interactive Math Academy takes a balanced approach that encourages a love of math in children while helping them develop a strong conceptual foundation…

Jasen Peterman: Great curriculum, with a friendly knowledgeable staff. A good place if you are interested in getting children a head start…

Ayako Gamo: Both my kids attend math and programming classes. We like the attention to individuals in a friendly environment. They love the instructors and look forward to the classes…

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Why Singapore Math Curriculum?

Learn what industry leaders, news channels and researchers are saying.

Mastery, not memorization

While American math instruction often relies on drilling and memorization of many skills, the sequence of topics in Singapore math has been carefully constructed based upon child development theory.


Singapore teens top, US lags – CNN

When it comes to science, math and reading, Singapore’s teens are the best in the world.


Jeff Bezos teaches his kids Singapore Math

Under Singapore Math approach, students learn a specific concept before moving on to more complex ideas, in a rigidly linear progression. 


Staying relevant and forward looking

The overarching goal of the mathematics curriculum is to ensure that all the students will achieve a level of mastery of mathematics that will serve them well in life, and for those who has the interest and ability to pursue mathematics at the highest level possible.


Location and Hours

Phone: +1 (425) 961 MATH 
Email: info@imathacademy.com


After School Math:
Monday – Friday 
3:30pm – 7:30pm

Sat: 11:00am – 2:00pm


For keeping everyone safe please review our policies.

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