Enrollment Open for 2018-19

Engage, Visualize & Solve


– Visual & interactive
– 1:1 Student/Teacher 
– Students Learn at their pace

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– Algorithms and Data Structures 
– 5:1 Student/Teacher
Builds foundation for advance coding

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– Classes for Competition
– 5:1 Student/Teacher
– Engineering, Design and Teamwork

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– Creativity unleased
– 6:1 Student/Teacher
– Students develop Fun games 

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What our customers are saying?

Katherine McCaslin: We love Interactive Math Academy and their interactive approach to teaching Singapore math. This isn’t like many other math places where they pressure you to have your kid attending multiple times a week and assign a burdensome amount of homework. Interactive Math Academy takes a balanced approach that encourages a love of math in children while helping them develop a strong conceptual foundation…

Jasen Peterman: Great curriculum, with a friendly knowledgeable staff. A good place if you are interested in getting children a head start…

Ayako Gamo: Both my kids attend math and programming classes. We like the attention to individuals in a friendly environment. They love the instructors and look forward to the classes…

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Game Development for Kids

Grade 4th – 8th

Using intuitive building blocks to visually craft simple web games & animations.

Make their creations interactive for the users.

Grasping programming concepts such as conditions and loops. Taught with a project-based methodology.

Share their games and animations so that other people to play and modify them


Location and Hours

Phone: +1 (425) 961 MATH 
Email: info@imathacademy.com


Monday – Friday 
3:30pm – 7:30pm

11:00am – 2:00pm


For keeping everyone safe please review our policies.

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