IMA: Empower your child to learn at her own pace

IMA: Empower your child to learn at her own pace

February 3, 2018 Uncategorized 0

At Interactive Math Academy, we emphasize on a structured learning approach. Our method has three main components:

  1. Singapore Math Placement Test
  2. Lesson Plan
  3. Assessments

A student sets off her Math learning journey by taking a Singapore Math Placement test. It is a critical part because it helps in forming a personalized lesson plan for the student. It highlights areas where we need to focus in building a strong foundation. We follow this lesson plan to teach topics and concept critical for advancement. At the end of every chapter, the student is assessed on her understanding and mastery of the concept. This assessment is a corner stone in monitoring the student’s progress over time. That’s also the time we provide progress report to parents.

There two important points to note here:

  • Lesson plan is not time bound.
  • Lesson plan is not grade level bound.

Let me explain.

Imagine there are total of 90 topics to cover for a child from grade K through 8th grade. And there are 10 topics in each grade level i.e. topics 1-10 are covered in KG, 11-20 are covered in 1st grade and so on. Say, Hana, a 3rd grader has shown mastery in the topics from 30-37 during IMA placement test. We will create a lesson plan for Hana starting from topic 38 on wards. We will empower Hana to learn on her own pace. Placement test only determines where to start. From there on, sky is the limit!

She may be in 3rd grade in her school but she may be learning concepts beyond her grade level at Interactive Math Academy.

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