Programs @ Ardmore

Math-A-Magic & LEGO Storytelling

Interactive Math Academy is proud to present programs at Ardmore for Winter Quarter.  These programs are fun, engaging and teach life long skills to students boosting confidence. These programs enhance thinking and reasoning capabilities to help connect the dots between existing knowledge and new learning.

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Schedule: Math-A-Magic:  Mondays – Feb 4, 11, 25; Mar: 4, 11, 18, 25, April: 1, 15, 22 (No class: 2/18, 4/8) LEGO Storytelling: Thursdays – Feb 7, 14, 28; Mar: 7, 14, 28, 25, April: 4, 18, 25 (No class: 2/21, 4/11)

All classes will be conducted at Ardmore Elementary School.

Hands On Math Games

This course engages students either in a team or individually

Students play games that intrinsically teaches them Math concepts. Students are pleasantly surprised on understand they just learned Math. This course develops confidence and self-assurance to learn more.

Applied Math

Learn through Applied Math and connecting their learning with real-world

Build models, prototype, investigate to understand what it means in Math and daily life. They analyze, communicate, think hard, and say “Ahhh, that’s what it means” and enjoy the new learnings.

Stimulate Thinking

This course leverages a unique combination of human interaction and visualization to offer Math learning while playing “games”.

This class emphasize on child’s thinking process in arriving a solution instead of looking at the final answer. Participants learn by visualization and connecting Math with real-world examples.

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LEGO Engineering & Storytelling

Unique combination of building engineering and communication skills.

LEGO Storytelling

Students conceptualize & build artifacts to understand and solve real world challenges. They make games, implement challenges and recognize patterns working with LEGO. It is fun, engaging and thinking while learning about Math, Science, structures, engineering concepts. Students tell a story about their creation. Class builds and boosts confidence and communication skills in addition to learning science and engineering.

What’s the learning?

Students strengthen understanding of the science and engineering practices

• Develop habit of asking ask questions to themselves and team members • Develop the ability to listen and understand others. • Build models, prototype, investigate to reach desired goals • Not to mention, they will analyze, communicate, think hard, and evaluate while working in a team.