Computer Science in Schools

Middle School

Computer Science Curriculum

We use Python for implementing many of the CS concepts and projects for middle school grades (6-8)

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Algorithms affect how people interact with computers and the way computers respond. People design algorithms that are generalizable to many situations. Algorithms that are readable are easier to follow, test, and debug.  learn more


Programmers create variables to store data values of selected types. A meaningful identifier is assigned to each variable to access and perform operations on the value by name. Variables enable the flexibility to represent different situations, process different sets of data, and produce varying outputs.  learn more


Programmers select and combine control structures, such as loops, event handlers, and conditionals, to create more complex program behavior.  learn more


Programs use procedures to organize code, hide implementation details, and make code easier to reuse. Procedures can be repurposed in new programs. Defining parameters for procedures can generalize behavior and increase reusability.  learn more