Rehan Hamid

Rehan loves to teach visually because visual artifacts grasp students’ focus immediately and are easy to follow. He received his Graduate degree in CS from Cal State, Eastbay before working for Microsoft for over 12 years. He is a volunteer Math coach in Bellevue School District. He coaches First Lego League (Robotics) team – Semi Finalist at FLL WA State Competition and won Award in 2017-2018 season. He founded FAA-NA in 2003 – a nonprofit for improving education in Pakistan.

Elisa Choi

Elisa loves to interact with children and getting to know them by respecting their individual differences in culture and personal preference. She received her BA in psychology from UC San Diego, California and worked at a pharmaceutical company in South Korea after graduating college. While being in Korea, she also developed teaching skills by educating children from kindergarten through middle school at a private after school academy. She taught reading, writing, science, and math using the textbooks and curriculum adapted from North America. She is now enrolled in her nursing program which started January this year.

Xinyu Shi

Hugh is graduated from University of Washington in Applied Physics Bachelor’s degree. He worked in physics study center at UW physics department as tutor in 2014-2016. He likes to simplify math concept while coaching students to think critically to solve problems. Helping struggled student improve their problem-solving skills. Proving guidance to students to improve academic performance, and help building their confident.

Hibah Javed

Hibah Javed is an undergraduate college sophomore working towards her major in bio-engineering and minor in physics. She has tutored math and English in Bellevue College from 2016 and has also tutored Math, Arabic, Science, and English to students ranging from six to fifteen years old.She believes that every child has a potential not only to learn and understand Math, but also to appreciate the profoundness of the subject.

Abdul H Sheikh

Abdul is a technology geek. He has spend almost 10 years working for Microsoft before moving on to become a Googler. He has taught programming to middle and high school students in Wumpus program – one of Microsoft’s tech coding to students program. He believes technology is core to a child learning and that passion continues to motivate him. In his spare time, he enjoys showing robot tricks to his son

Ahmed Qazi

Coming soon