Our Story

Musfira, my daughter, is now a 10th grader. Last few school years I have observed her frustration with not understanding abstract math concepts at school. I sit down with her to explain the concept by drawing, making, and visualizing ‘things’ to help her understand and think about the problem. That is when she would have her ‘Ahaa’ moment.  I would see the light bulb turning on giving her feeling of accomplishment. This gives me profound satisfaction as I see her developing the love for math and building strong foundation not only in math but problem solving and critical thinking.

I see many other parents and teachers equally share the pain that students struggle so much in Math they start to hate the subject. I want to change that for every child primarily because Math is the key for getting ready for college.

To develop a love and appreciation for Math, I have established Interactive Math Academy to teach others the same way I am teaching my daughter.  The goal is to set the right foundation because “how you get there is more important than getting there”.

Rehan is an education enthusiast. Before Interactive Math Academy, he has founded multiple organizations to support child education. He believes that every child is an inventor, builder and smart individual so help them become what they are by teaching core skills during formative years of their development. He completed his graduate degree in computer science from Cal State, Eastbay and worked for Microsoft as Program Manager for over 12 years. He coaches First Lego League Robotics team (4-6th graders) and volunteer as a Math teacher in Bellevue School District. He is a board member of multiple local nonprofit organizations working to build communities and advance civic engagements.

He serves as a board member at CS Advisory Board for Bellevue School District, Issaquah School District and Seattle Public School District.