Make Your Own Games

$135.00 per month

What if instead of just playing games and watching TV, your kids could actually make THEIR OWN games and animated stories?




This course is aimed for students of Grade 4-8. They’ll learn how to make simple games, stories and animation using Roblox and Unity 3D (advance).

Students will learn

  • Intuitive building blocks to visually craft simple web games, stories and animations.
  • Programming concepts such as conditions and loops. Taught with a project-based methodology.
  • To make their creations interactive for the users.
  • To share their games and animations with other people to play and modify.
  • Most importantly, understand how simple it is to make their creative ideas a reality in today’s world.

The is a project-based course. This means students will work through actual examples that you can modify and play with afterwards.


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