GS Robotics Workshop


Girls earn three badges Robotics Journey:

  • Designing Robots
  • Programming Robots
  • Showcasing Robots


This is total of 7 hours workshop. It can be divided into one or multiple day meetings.



Welcome to the world of robots! When you’ve earned these three badges, you’ll know how robots are built and programmed, how to design and build your own model robot, and how to share what you’ve created with others. Robots can already vacuum floors and deliver snacks to offices on their own. Someday soon, robotic taxis will drive us where we want to go without humans to steer them. What else will robots be used for in the future? If you can’t wait to find out, you might want to explore the fast-growing field of robotics. From engineering to programming to digital arts to psychology, developing robots lets you raw from talents in a wide range of areas. Maybe someday you can help invent what our future looks like!


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