Math Enrichment – 1 Session / Week for 2

$243.00 per month

Regular Price: $250; Promotional Price: $243 (5% sibling discount)

Designed based on Singapore Math curriculum. Math coach spends focused 1:3 coaching time with student.

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After-School math enrichment program helps students excel in math whether they are struggling or getting bored of the subject.

In this program, the student

  • Takes a placement test to-be placed at the right level
  • Learns math concepts visually
  • Learns how math relates to technology
  • Gets 1:3 teachers attention
  • Practices with examples to reinforces the concepts
  • Performs review exercises at the end of each chapter
  • Parents get periodic assessment on student progress
  • We recommend at-least 2-sessions per week for right balance of math understanding and re-enforcement.


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