SAT/ACT – 6 Weeks Test Prep

$999.00 $899.00

  • Placement Test
  • Personalized Lesson Plan with specific Focus Areas
  • 4 hours / week Instruction Time
  • Additional Practice Questions as Homework
  • Test Taking Strategies
  • No Scheduling, Just drop in Anytime!
  • 1 FULL Practice Test / Week & Evaluation


Stand out: A high SAT score could be the factor that differentiates a student from thousands of other applicants with similar qualifications. We offer

  • Qualified Teachers
  • 1-1 Personalized Teaching
  • Test Taking Strategies
  • 2000+ Practice Qs & 20 Practice Tests.

Practice, Measure, Improve

Placement test (first week only): The placement test will identify a student’s math proficiency level and gaps in concept understanding. Test results will be used to develop a personalized learning plan.

Instruction: Students will work on strengthening their weakest topics through one-on-one instruction with our qualified teachers.

Practice Test: The practice test will allow students to practice strategies they have learned and track their progress.


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