IMA Programmer Program Detail

Learn Python!

We are focused to teach students fundamental computer science concepts interactively using programmable robots before introducing Python as a programming language. We have opted to begin with Algorithms and Data Structure concepts divided into four programs A, B, C and D respectively. Each 4-week program contributes to 4-month long fundamentals course.

This project-based course not only introduces fundamental computer science concepts but also introduces life-long skills of problem solving and critical thinking. At the end of each 4-week program student will have developed computer games that they can play and share with family and friends.

These courses are taught by industry experts having years of experience in Microsoft, Google and Amazon. Rehan’s Team won Award at State wide Robotics competition.

After completing Coding with Python, we plan offer exciting advance learning programs in Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, Web and Game development. Contact us for more details.

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